November, 2015 – Greetings Global Groupworkers

We welcome hearing about your experiences and thoughts on how group approaches can assist communities internationally, especially in times of conflict and crisis. We have highlighted group work and community development practice after natural disasters and violence – and would like to continue this by adding your reports and ideas to this site. There is a lot of Global Group Work news to share and a need to share our work and resources!

You can post comments on this site, or email Carol Cohen ( & Kyle McGee (


 The following is an updated report on an ongoing project, seeking to demonstrate and advocate for group and team approaches to achieve the goals of the Global Agenda for Social Work and Social Development:

  • Promoting social and economic equalities
  • Promoting the dignity and worth of peoples
  • Working towards environmental and community sustainability
  • Strengthening recognition of the importance of human relationships

Update: Group Work and the Global Agenda for Social Work and Social Developmentglobal

In response to the Call by the Global Observatory for the North American and Caribbean Region of IASSW, we submitted material from our study on the critical role of Group Work in achieving the Global Agenda for Social Work and Social Development. Our purpose is to demonstrate and advocate for the critical role of group and team approaches throughout all levels of organizations, institutions and agencies. Our work began in 2014 with a local focus on the New York Metropolitan Area.

After meeting with David Jones, studying the Global Agenda and its intersection with Social Work with Groups, we identified 4 exemplary organizations that demonstrated this extensive Group Work integration to actualize the goals of the Global Agenda. Each member of our study team (Carol S. Cohen, Kyle McGee II, Alexis Howard & Erin Nau) researched one of the organizations, and interviewed key informants. We focused on the role of teams and groups in all levels of the organization, including at the management/board level, the staff/supervisory level, and at the client/consumer/community level.

Our peer reviewed presentation at the June, 2015 IASWG Symposium in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, shared this work with participants from around the world. A paper developed from this presentation is in progress, and will be submitted for consideration for publication in the book drawn from Symposium Proceedings, published by Whiting and Birch, Ltd. Here is a copy of the 2015 IASWG Symposium Global Agenda Presentation.

In Chapel Hill, our presentation engaged additional IASWG members in this inquiry, and as hoped, we now have an international scope.  Our proposal for a Panel Presentation at the SWSD2016 Conference in Seoul, Korea, has been accepted.  Joining us are active partners in the US, Australia (Carol Irizarry), Canada (Ginette Berteau) and Malaysia (Sharima Ruwaida Abbas), and are in the process of welcoming others. Here is a copy of our 2016 Joint World Conference on Social Work Accepted Panel Presentation on Global Agenda and Group Work

This broadened study maintains the exemplary case study approach.  We expect that this project will continue to generate interest throughout the IASWG membership, as well as in other international communities. We believe that demonstrating the integral role of Group and Team Work strategies in organizations will promote group approaches globally as pathways to organizational excellence and achievement of the Global Agenda for Social Work and Social Development.

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