Questions About Group Work Practice

Do you have a question about group work practice, a group work dilemma, or practice issues? If so, you have come to the right place. The Global Group Work Project has group work experts from around the globe within the network and they will consider your questions and engage in public dialogue around group work questions.

Instructions: To post a new question, please scroll down this page and “Leave a Reply”. Please include your name and where you are from along with your question. To respond to an existing question, just click the “Reply” link directly under that question. So ask away….

3 Responses to Questions About Group Work Practice

  1. ggwproject says:

    From Deb:
    Yes, I have a question to propose to the group work forum. I currently have to research closing activities for groups. Where/What is a good resource to find closing activities? Is it a website? A book? I am not having luck finding anything online but may be looking in the wrong places.


    • ggwproject says:

      Hi Deb- Great question! Closing a group session is such an important element in group work and unfortunately, it is an area that can be neglected in practice. One idea that comes to mind is the use of Group Poems. These can be creative, meaningful and quite fun to do and the structure of how you do the activity can have many variations depending on the type of group you are doing and the composition of members. The other thought I have is to check out some of Martin Birnbaum’s articles on single session groups and purposeful sessional endings. These articles are easily accessible as they are quite popular in the group work field. Maybe some others can share about their use of closing group activities and resources that have worked in their practice?

  2. ggwproject says:

    This year, students at Adelphi University discussed the challenges and benefits of Co-Leadership of groups. What do you think? When and how do you think Co-Leadership is positive or negative (or maybe both) in groupwork?

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