Past Symposia

June 2014 Symposium

THE 35th ANNUAL SYMPOSIUM of the International Association for Social Work with Groups took place this past June 3-6, in Boston, Massachusetts.

The conference was a great success and members gathered from all around the globe to discuss Group Work practice, education and research.  Participants from many countries were represented, and each plenary session, workshop, or paper presentation included geographically diverse presenters.  The Program and Photos are posted at:

One of the many highlights was the recognition of the IASWG’s newest Chapters, including the Pretoria, South Africa, European, and North Carolina, US Chapters.  IASWG Chapter participation provides members additional opportunities to connect and promote Group Work.  More information about Chapters is at:


June 2013 Symposium

THE 34th ANNUAL SYMPOSIUM of the International Symposium Association for Social Work with Groups took place in New York, United States, June 14-17, 2012

Hundreds of people from around the world who are passionate about social work with groups, gathered together for exciting experiential workshops, empirical studies, paper presentations and poster sessions at the 34th Annual International Symposium of the International Association for the Advancement of Social Work with Groups (IASWG 2012 Symposium Program). This years event titled, “Passion for Group Work: An International Conversation” was held on the campus of Adelphi University in Garden City, New York, in collaboration with the International Interdisciplinary Conference on Clinical Supervision. It celebrated our international roots and gave participants the chance to meet and interact from all over the world. The exchange of information and experiences of Group Work practice in a global context was truly amazing, and is such a source of strength to our organization.


Reflecting back on each annual IASWG Symposium is a wonderful exercise. Each Symposium is unique and memorable in its own special way and we would love to hear some of your own thoughts and highlights about the experience.

Personally, one of my favorite moments from the event was the Friday evening talent show. Cleverly billed as “IASWG’s Got Talent”, this gathering served as a fun and engaging way for us all to begin our relationship and work together for the weekend. I got my nerves up to bring my West African drum with the intent to play a song or two from the Ghanaian tradition which I have studied in the past. Little did I know that within the first 10 minutes, I would be summoned by my table to spontaneously get up and accompany Matthew Lozano, a fellow IASWG member, in his acapella rendition of “Stand by Me”! It was wonderful to say the least and this was soon followed by more songs and poems performed by members from Germany, Great Britain, Ireland, Canada, Barbados, the U.S. and even Iran. Looking at the faces around the room, it was soon evident that we were in a special place where not only were our similarities and differences to be made open to all, but to be CELEBRATED by all. What better way to begin our path to becoming a Group than by showcasing our own strengths!

How you did you experience this international connection during the Long Island event?  Please leave us a reply at the bottom of this page.

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