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This page welcomes contributions that highlight the international, cross-national and cross-cultural nature of social work with groups.  Please share your contact information when posting, for follow up by readers.    

Note that these materials are Only for Educational and Practice Purposes. Please use author attribution at all times.  

Contact Carol Cohen at with questions or to email additional resources for posting.       


2014 Resources   

PP for:  Cohen, C.S., Balakrishnan, G., Dudley, C., Pemberton, L., Shaari, A. & Zahn, M. (2014, August). Strengthening alliances among self-help groups and professional partners. 65th Annual UN DPI/NGO Conference: 2015 and Beyond, Our Action Agenda, UN Headquarters, New York, US.                                                                                                         Handout PP August 2014 UN DPI NGO Conference, Cohen, Balakrishnan, Dudley, Pemberton, Shaari, Zahn [Compatibility Mode]                                                                              Question from Authors:  We have been working on this international project for a while, and would like to connect with any groupworkers or group members who participate in the work of self help groups — we would like to hear your feedback on the preliminary principles we have been developing.  They are contained in this PP.  Please contact Carol Cohen, to discuss this further and for more information.

PP for:  Cohen, C.S.,  Abbas, S.R. & Irizarry, C. (2014, July). Joining together: Special interest group on groupwork. Joint World Conference on Social Work, Education and Social Development, IASSW, IFSW, & ICSW, Melbourne, Australia.                                           2014 Melbourne Special Interest Group on Social Work with Groups

PP for:  Cohen, C.S. & Deng. S. (2014, July). Being and working together: Collaboration to expand social work with groups in Beijing, China.  Joint World Conference on Social Work, Education and Social Development, IASSW, IFSW, & ICSW, Melbourne, Australia. Cohen & Deng Session 4D M210, As Presented, 10 July, Being and working together, Beijing, China (1)

PP for:  Cohen, C.S. & Tully, G. (2014, July) Navigating with the Standards for Social Work with Groups in Practice, Supervision and Education.  Joint World Conference on Social Work, Education and Social Development, IASSW, IFSW, & ICSW, Melbourne, Australia.                                                                                                                                                      Cohen C S Tully G (2014) Navigating with the Standards for Social Work with Groups in Practice Supervision and Education World Conference 16


Previous Resources

PDF Files with Permission of Taylor and Francis from Social Work with Groups:

Toseland, R.W. & McClive-Reed, K.P. (2009). Social group work: International and global perspectives. Social Work with Groups32 (1/2), p5-13.                                                           Abstract: This article reviews the literature on international social group work and makes some observations about the current state of the field. The authors used a multipronged search strategy to examine the literature on international social group work. These search strategies yielded approximately 1,000 abstracts and citations that were then reviewed closely for content related to social group work. The search revealed four broad categories of articles, book chapters, and conference presentations: (1) descriptive studies of social group work done in countries outside the United States; (2) surveys of practitioners, educators, or databases about social group work practices; (3) descriptions of the development of social group work models in non-U.S. countries; (4) cross-cultural comparisons of social work group model implementation in two or more specific countries;  and (5) the implementation and delivery of group work training and educational models in an international/global context.


Forte, J.A. (1994). Around the world with social group work: Knowledge and research contributions.  Social Work with Groups, 17 (1/2). 143-162. Around the World with Social Work Article_ Issue 17 (1-2) Pages 143-162_j009v17n01_09                                              Abstract: This article uses a quantitative content analysis to assess the contribution of international group workers toward building a scientific knowledge base for practice. Using AASWG’s bibliography as a sampling frame, 271 articles written between 1978 and 1992 by group workers employed outside the United States were studied.  It was found that 38% were scientific knowledge building articles.  Narrative descriptions of group practice dominated the literature.  Four countries, Australia, Canada, Great Britain, and Israel were sites for the bulk of the publications.  Each showed emphases in their group work writings reflective of cultural and social particulars.


This PDF File (with Permission of Whiting and Birch Ltd.) contains:

Cohen, C.S., Doel, M., Wilson, M., Quirke, D., Ring, K..A., Abbas, S.R. (2012). Global group work: Honouring processes and outcomes. In A. Begart, S. Simon & M. Doel, (Eds.), Honoring our roots, Nurturing our growth, (pp. 107-127). London, England: Whiting & Birch Ltd.

Abstract:  This chapter focuses on the Global Group Work Project’s action research study to explore and identify essential cross-national and cross-cultural elements of social group work practice, and to provide a model for international research and collaboration. It details study methods, process and outcome findings, analysis and recommendations. The key finding of the global themes of being together and doing together in social work groups, as well as the identification of local, indigenous practices contribute empirical practice.

Also, check out the Journal Groupwork to see information about the special issue by students!

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