The GGWP is looking forward to seeing our subscribers at the upcoming Int’l Association for Social Work with Groups (IASWG) Symposium June 4th – 7th in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.  If you are in attendance, please make sure to let us know (Carol Cohen and Kyle McGee).  We would be thrilled to see you!

In addition, the GGWP has learned that the International Association of Schools of Social Work has posted a Call for Abstracts & Papers to appear in the upcoming issue of Social Dialogue Magazine, on Social Work without Borders.

  • “How can social work be framed within an international context and without borders that is, if the profession looked beyond its past and current careerist trappings, current international context and national professional discourse and concerns, what would it look like (professionally, ideologically and in practice and research).  We are looking for contributions, from all regions of the world, in which you share your experiences of practice examples of working without borders or research summary or other relevant student projects or material you would like to be considered for this edition.”

Click here for more info.

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