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The GGWP is looking forward to seeing many of our colleagues from around the world during the upcoming International Association for Social Work with Groups Symposium in Calgary, Alberta Canada.  This annual symposium is a wonderful event to meet group workers from around the world and learn about global practice and research.  Make sure to check out our Conference Page to see all the upcoming events that you won’t want to miss and then explore the extensive global group work resources available here from our website.


The GGWP is excited to announce some great upcoming events and to report on the recent activities of the project.  In late March 2014, a group of social group workers from the New York City area were treated to a wonderful dialogue with David Jones of the UK.  David is the past president of the International Federation of Social Workers, and one of the framers of the IFSW & IASSW’s Global Social Work Agenda.  David presented about the ongoing work with the Global Agenda and then engaged our members in a conversation about ways for social workers to continue their involvement towards meeting the Global Agenda goals particularly through group work strategies and interventions.  It was extremely gracious of David to spend this time with us and we will keep you posted about this discussion and about similar events in the future.

Another important upcoming event is the 31st Annual Social Work Day at the UN set to take place on Friday April 28, 2014 from 10am to 12:30pm.  To participate, you must register by this Friday April 10th!!  Click here to get more info. and to RSVP.

Lastly, make sure to check out our Conference Page to see all the upcoming events that you won’t want to miss and then explore the extensive global group work resources available here from our website.  Go Global Group Work!


Reflecting on the year 2013

The Year 2013 has been filled with important events and achievements for the Global Group Work community.  The International Association for Social Work with Groups (IASWG) held its 35th Annual Symposium in Boston, MA which was a great success, bringing together group workers from around the globe to share information about the research and practice of group work.  To see information regarding exciting global events and conferences already planned for 2014, Click Here or scroll down below.

In addition, the Global Agenda for Social Work and Social Development continues to progress with its work toward its core goals of:

  • Promoting social and economic equalities
  • Promoting the dignity and worth of peoples
  • Working toward environmental sustainability
  • Strengthening recognition of the importance of human relationships

Click Here to download the entire Global Agenda.

Lastly, the Global Group Work Project joins the rest of the world in mourning the recent passing of Nelson Mandela (Tata Madiba).  As the IASWG Chapter Chairperson from South Africa said best:
He respected all, judged nobody, did not discriminate, believed in human worth and dignity, pleaded for equity, lobbied for children and the elderly and their rights. He stood for peace and reconciliation. He acted as mediator, he calmed emotions, and he facilitated change. He was everything that a father should be. He led by example.”

We mourn the loss of such an amazing global group work leader, but we celebrate Madiba’s legacy for peace and unity that will last forever in us all.

Best wishes for an exciting New Year Global Community!


The XXXVI Annual IASWG Symposium has been announced for June 5-8, 2014.

Calgaryphotoat the University of Calgary in Alberta, Canada!

This annual symposium is a wonderful event to meet group workers from around the world and learn about global practice and research.  Click here for more symposium information and to find out about calls for proposals.




SWSD2014_WebTileMelbourne-_skyline_river_Joint World Conference on Social Work Education and Social Development:   The 2014 bi-annual conference will take place in Melbourne, Australia, 7/9-7/12.  Abstracts are due by October 18th.  This extraordinary conference (sponsored by the IASSW, IFSW and ICSD) provides an opportunity to join together with social work and social development practitioners, educators and students from around the world. The conference is a powerful venue for building groupwork investment and knowledge.

10th International Conference on Practice Learning and Field Education:  Practice Teaching Conference.  Call for Papers: Abstracts are due by October 18th. This conference will take place in Glasgow, Scotland, 4/7-4/8th, and is titled: Connections: Creating connections, repairing disconnections, and building relationships in practice learning and field education. The conference will consider questions such as: How do we develop the relationship between academic research and teaching, and workplace learning and practice?; How do we manage the transition from study to employment?; How do we do all this in the context of Globalisation, Interprofessional education and the current emphasis on collaborative working, and Time of great organisational change in health and social care.

173Third International Conference on Practice Research:  This conference will take place at the Silberman School of Social Work at Hunter College, 6/9-6/11th.  Call for Papers:  Abstracts are due by October 15th.  The conference will focus on “building a bridge” linking social work research and practice, in order to promote innovative, flexible and fully collaborative practice-research strategies.





1. New resources on:  The Global Agenda and Conferences

2. Reflections on the 2013 IASWG Symposium in Boston, Massachusetts, US and 2014 IASWG Symposium in Calgary, Alberta, CA.

globalThe Global Agenda for Social Work and Social Development: Commitment to Action was adopted by the IFSW, IASWG & ICSW and presented to the United Nations in March, 2012.
As noted in the introduction:
As social workers, educators and social development practitioners, we witness the daily realities of personal, social and community challenges. We believe that now is our time to work together, at all levels, for change, for social justice, and for the universal
implementation of human rights, building on the wealth of social initiatives and social movements. We, the International Federation of Social Workers (IFSW), the International Association of Schools of Social Work (IASSW), and the International Council on Social Welfare (ICSW), recognise that the past and present political economic, cultural
and social orders, shaped in specific contexts, have unequal consequences for global, national and local communities and have negative impacts on people.
People engaged with social work with groups will find many points of resonance in this document.  Click here to see the entire agenda.

We believe that Social Work with Groups will play an integral role in helping this global agenda become realized. In the next few months, we will engage with you all, our subscribers, in discussion about this issue as we seek to collectively engage and strategize about ways to pursue involvement.


Check out our Conferences page to get updated information for the 35th Annual International Symposium of IASWG as well as others set to take place this year!


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