Welcome to the Global Group Work Project Site!


Questions Arriving on this Site for Group Workers to Answer!!   We are happy that folks are posting questions on the Group Work Questions page! — Now, let’s respond with some ideas and discussion!

Global Group Work at the International Symposium of the AASWG in New York, United States, June 14-17, 2012:  See what presentations and events took place:  Final Print 2012 AASWG Program, or check out our new Reflections page of the event and post your own memorable moments!

Check out our Regional Pages and consider adding your own from your community.

These pages are now open — and ready for your input!

We will be updating and adding new content to Global Group Work Project site this fall — What are your suggestions??  Please let us know with comments.

About the Global Group Work Project:  As part of the Association for the Advancement of Social Work with Groups, an International Organization (www.aaswg.org) the Global Group Work Project engages social work educators and practitioners from diverse geographic regions and cultures in sharing perspectives, experiences, and commitment to social work with groups.  We hope that this site will provide a forum for collaboration and research.  Our goal is to continue to encourage expansion of practice and teaching social work with groups in class and field, ultimately leading to greater opportunities for effective and powerful social work group membership throughout the world.  We greatly appreciate your comments and suggestions as we develop this site further!  We would love to hear your ideas for interactive features, activities and content — Please post comments on this site, or reply directly to cohen5@adelphi.edu or kmcgee@adelphi.edu.

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  1. ggwproject says:

    Looking forward to hearing from you!

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